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  • Astro logical advice can be obtained from the way you ask question related to yourself, friends, relative, family and others. Our expert Vedic and KP astrologers are always available to guide you with their deep knowledge and experience of this divine science.
  • You have to submit a query form which requires birth detail related to time, place and date. If you have doubt in your birth detail or you don’t have birth detail then too we can help you in providing astro logical solution of your query with the help of horary.
  • Horary astrology is the special scientific technique in astrology which is related to various planetary permutations and combination, reflecting mind set of a querent at the time of asking question. Horary is based on selection of a number from 1 to 249. You have to select any number and submit it in the query submission form.
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DETAIL Payment(INR) Payment(USD) Reply Time Inquire Now Purchase
1 Question 500 10 3-4 Working Days
3 Questions 1000 20 3-4 Working Days
5 Questions 1500 30 3-4 working Days