paid_businessAstro Advice on Career and and Business

  • Astro guidance is of immense help to parents for planning and choosing best career option for their children.
  • Business of services, which is suitable to a person as per his stars. We are here to give you best astro logical advice with the help of fine unique combination of ancient divine Indian Vedic astrology and Krishna Murthi system of astrology.
  • If you are in job, query related to transfer, promotion, suspension, reninstatement etc.then we provide best solution for your query.
  • If you are engaged in business then we can advise in expansion, selection of partner,anticipation of gain period in business, best time for investment.
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DETAIL Payment(INR) Payment(USD) Reply Time Inquire Now Purchase
1 Question 500 10 2 Days
3 Questions 1000 20 2 Days
5 Questions 1500 30 3-4 Days
Career guidance Report 1000 20 3-4 Days